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Core Services

  • Plant Maintenance and Refurbishments
  • Design and Manufacturing of Specialised Components
  • Fabrication and Installation of piping and vessels
  • Project Management
  • Engineering design and drawings
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Business references:

Contracts successfully completed in South Africa

Profile Engineering (1996)
Supplied eight boilermakers, two coded welders and three
unskilled labour. Building of brick plant machines for Australia
and Mozambique.

J.C.R. Engineering (1996)
Supplied six boilermakers, eight coded welders, and three
operators. Building of dairy and wine tanks.

Field Engineering (1997)
Supplied four boilermakers, three coded welders, two pipe fabricators, and two riggers. Building and installation of spiral
food conveyors for Bokomo Foods.

Pioneer Mechanicals (1998)
Supplied eleven boiler makers, twelve coded welders, six pipe fabricators, one quality controller, two supervisors and four unskilled labour. Refurbishing of 55m diameter storage tanks
and general engineering.

SFF Association (1998- 1999)
Refurbishment by Welding, Grinding and Burning of 55m Diameter Storage Tank and Integrity Assessment.

Albert Moore Industries (1997-2009)
Supplied boilermakers, coded welders, fitter machinists and operators.
Welding, Fabrication and Assembly of oil storage vessels, stainless steel conveyors.

Consol Glass (2007)
Shutdown Bottle Manufacturing Plant

SANS Fibres (2000 - 2009)
Supplied Mechanical fitters.  
Refurbishing of melted grids, building of jigs and general engineering. 
Weld repairs of pipeline and heat exchanges during shutdown of Polymer Plant.
Weld repairs of Glycol storage tanks.
Machining of Monolux Rings.
Precision, Machining and Balancing of Drive-Shafts.
NDT inspection of Stainless Steel Receiving Hopper with weld repairs as needed.
Supplying of technical personnel to various Plants on Site.
Manufacture of Heat exchanger.
Manufacture of Perforated Stainless Steel Plates.
Manufacturing of Aluminium Name Tags, Creed Arms and Back Plates.

Transnet (2004 - present)
Refurbishment of Pipelines, Flanges and Valves of the dry docks in Cape Town Harbour.
Refurbishment of buoys.

EB Steam Boilers (2008 - 2011)
Fabricate and install of Water & Steam Pipelines & maintaining of boilers.

Koeberg Power Station (2008 - present)
Supplying  of semi-skill staff for maintenance- electrical, mechanical and civil sections on the plant.

Distell (2010 - present)
Reverse Engineering and Modifying of stainless steel conveyors.
Replacement and Re-routing of water pipelines (mild steel).
Manufacturing of stainless steel platforms.
Design and Manufacturing of stainless steel filters of all sizes.

Eskom Distribution (2011 - present)
Design and Manufacturing of insulator support brackets for mini sub-stations.


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